4.5″ Dual Round LED Work Lamp with Harness and Switch


Part Number:  266-635WH-2

Model Applicability:  Universal

Product Type:  LED Flood/Scene Light Kit

Kit Content:  Dual Multi-Mount LED Flood Light, Mounting Hardware, Wire Harness with Integrated On/Off Switch

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Intense illumination paired with rugged build quality make these work lamps the ideal solution for heavy-duty applications working in the toughest environments. Wire harness includes DUETSCH DT connectors with overall length of 15.8′ (9.5’ from relay to DEUTSCH DT connectors; 6.3’ from relay to control switch).

Auer Automotive 266-635WH-2 Dual 4.5-Inch Round LED Work Lamp

Features and Specifications

  • Life of 30,000+ hours means no replacing broken bulbs
  • Emits clear white light output to illuminate your work areas and equipment
  • Waterproof sealed design with a rugged die cast metal housing protects the LEDs from vibration and moisture
  • Ten 1-Watt diode pattern, 900 lumens
  • Black powder coated aluminum die cast housing is compact and stylish
  • Lamp size 4 1/2″ H x 1 1/2″ D
  • 18 AWG cable lead wires with DEUTSCH DT connectors
  • Lamp operates at full brightness between 9-36 VDC, allows for multi-voltage applications
  • Low current draw 1.3A at 12.8V
  • Includes adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket and bolt

266-635WH 4.5-Inch Round LED Work Lamp

266-635WH 4.5-Inch Round LED Work Lamp